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November 19, 2014

Early Promotion for Sweet Valley High…

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So I bought this huge lot of old young adult books from the 1980s, and one of them had a long write-up/promo at the end of the book for the “upcoming” Sweet Valley High series. I typed it out because I thought it was an interesting look at Sweet Valley’s inception.

Step inside the halls of Sweet Valley High, and meet the stars of Bantam’s new series–sixteen-year-old twin sisters Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. Physically the girls are identical. Both have the same sun-streaked, shoulder-length blonde hair, green-blue eyes, cameo skin, and radiant smiles. Both are five feet six on the button and wear the same size dress, jeans and shoes. But there the similarity ends.

Jessica Wakefield is captain of the cheering squad, a great dancer, very popular with boys, sparkling, coquettish, adorable, and about as devious, conniving, and selfish as any sixteen-year-old could possibly be.

Elizabeth is her mirror image. While Jessica is a performer, Liz is the poet. In fact, she would like to be a writer. Unknown to anyone, except Mr. Collins, the faculty adviser of the high school newspaper, Liz write the “Eyes and Ears” column, which everyone reads for the latest gossip scoops. Her column is bright and funny and on the mark but never cruel. That’s the way Liz is. She cares about other people. She’s open, honest, loyal, generous, and considerate. She’s the best friend you’d ever have. You can lean on her, trust her to come through when you need her, and enjoy her because, along with her other attributes, she sparkles. She’s fun.

Jessica Wakefield is another sort altogether. She takes shameless advantage of her sister. And, for the most part, Elizabeth lets her. When it comes to her twin, Liz is a soft touch. Not a complete pushover, but easier than she should be.
Jessica always knows how to get to her sister. She starts with the simple premise that Liz believes the best about people, in particular her twin. Jessica is not above using her sister’s identity when it comes in handy or, for that matter, her boyfriend. She’s very possessive of Liz and resents anyone, boy or girl, getting too close. Watch out if you’re planning to be Liz’s friend. Poor End Rollins.

Enid is Liz’s best friend. She’s quiet and smart; pretty, too, though you might not even notice her until she smiles her dazzling smile. But beneath the smile is the terrible secret of Enid’s past, a secret she desperately wants to keep buried from her new boyfriend, Ronnie Edwards, and especially from the likes of Jessica and her scheming friend Lila.

Lila Fowler is the richest girl in all of Sweet Valley. While the Wakefields live in the valley’s comfortable development, Lila lives with her father in a fabulous mansion ‘on the hill.’ She has her own car, an endless allowance, a string of credit cards, and no curfew. Glamorous, stylish, and almost as devious as Jessica, she’s the only girl in Sweet Valley who can occasionally best Jessica at her own game. If Jessica’s a 10 on the schemer scale, Lila’s a solid 8.

While Lila Fowler is the richest girl in town, Bruce Patman is the richest boy. Outrageously attractive, with dark hair and big blue eyes, he’s also a fabulous tennis player. The black Porsche he drives doesn’t hurt his image either. But Bruce is a super-spoiled snob. Jessica meets her match in him. They seem destined for each other…

If Jessica and Bruce’s love match is stormy, Liz’s romance with basketball star Todd Wilkins is purest sunshine. His lean, tall good looks attract Liz from the first. And Todd seems to feel the same way. But when Jessica’s greedy gaze falls on Todd, she’s smart enough to size him up as a good thing, too. And she’s certainly unscrupulous enough to go for it.

Does it sound like Sweet Valley High is a hotbed of social intrigue? Well, it is. And one of the people who tries to keep the lid on is good-hearted Mr. Collins. A tall, slim strawberry blonde in tweed jackets and corduroys, Mr. Collins is faculty advisor to the high school newspaper and a special friend of Elizabeth’s Jessica’s head over heels about him, too.

Where is all this drama taking place? In the town of Sweet Valley, located in a gorgeous corner of sunswept Southern California. The town is small and charming, though the peace is getting harder to keep, as old money (the Patman clan) wars with new (Lila Fowler’s father). Sweet Valley has a pharmacy, a tiny movie house, a couple of gift shops, and a pizza place on Main Street. Around the corner are the library and a tiny grocery store. But most of the action is at the mall, a shopping center located five miles from town. There you’ll find all you need for a day’s entertainment; lots of stores, a video arcade, two twin movie theaters, and a giant supermarket.

It’s only fifteen minutes to the beach from Sweet Valley. Kids often head out there after school, stopping on the way at the Dairi Burger for fried clams and a shake. Some of them bypass the Dairi Burger for a dingy roadhouse just across the highway. Inside, the bar is dark and dirty, and the songs on the jukebox are hopelessly out of date. But that’s where the fast crowd goes, and often the college kids. Who said they saw Elizabeth Wakefield there in Book One of SWEET VALLEY HIGH? Find out in…


Was it Jessica or Elizabeth at the roadhouse? Poor Todd Wilkins doesn’t know what to think. Neither does Liz, who’s in serious danger of winding up brokenhearted. And no sooner are things straightened out than Liz’s best friend, Enid Rollins, turns up in tears. Seems that some one has leaked her awful secret to her new boyfriend. Guess who? Find out in Book Two…


It’s just a week until the prom. Jessica’s angling for superstud Bruce Patman. Bruce is a shoo-in for prom king. Who will be queen? Can Jessica’s charm and iron will fail to win her heart’s desire? Find out in Book Three…


At the homecoming dance Jessica has eyes only for glamorous, spoiled Bruce Patman. Elizabeth sees Jessica heading for disaster in her new romance. Will she wake up before it’s too late?
And on another Sweet Valley front, will fat little Robin Wilson ever be accepted by Jessica and her friends? You’ll see how it works out in Book Four…


Small, round Robin Wilson follows golden girl Jessica Wakefield around like a puppy. Jessica is everything that Robin isn’t; beautiful, popular, and a bona fide member of Pi Beta Alpha. What’s PBA? Just the most exclusive and chic sorority at Sweet Valley High. And Jessica just happens to be president. Butterball Robin has her heart set on pledging. And to Jessica’s complete astonishment, her own sister is determined to help.
What finally happens out to teach everyone a lesson, including Jessica. But she’s already on the prowl again and heading for big trouble in Book Five….


Jessica’s forbidden overnight partying leaves Liz to play the toughest dramatic role of her life. It’s on e things to be a stand-in for her twin at the breakfast table, but to take a crucial test for her is another matter.

It looks like Elizabeth’s deception may wind up costing her her boyfriend as well as her honor. But there are still bigger problems ahead for Liz and handsome Todd Wilkins in Book Six of the SWEET VALLEY HIGH series. Look out for….


There are really just a couple of hard-and-fast rules in the Wakefield household. One of the hardest and fastest is no motorcycles. Imagine Liz’s reaction when a beaming Todd shows up with the huge new Yamaha for which he’s scrimped and saved, not to mention sold his car.

It’s Jessica’s thoughtlessness (Surprise! Surprise!) that finally brings matters to a head and propels them all to the brink of tragedy…

Like it so far? Want to read more? For those who do we have an excerpt from Book One of this exciting new series from Bantam Books. Keep reading and meet Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, the unforgettable stars of SWEET VALLEY HIGH.


  1. Uh that was awesome. Thank you for sharing.

    Comment by Jessica P — August 18, 2015 @ 5:11 am | Reply

    • Thanks! This blog is my guilty pleasure. Glad you enjoyed the post. : )

      Comment by mediumcore — August 23, 2015 @ 5:33 pm | Reply

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